Van Dijk and Mohamed Salah during a training session at Meldwood.

After Jordan Henderson and Mohamed Salah revealed their frustration in being pulled on Saturday, virgil van Dijk has cautioned that his Liverpool teammates that they might need to accept being substituted or sitting outside games given the squad thickness in Anfield.
Van djik
Asked if essential employees might need to become accustomed to being substituted, Van Dijk stated:”You must, otherwise you leave. And we need the help of everyone. It is a very long season with a great deal of games. We are in need of everyone and everybody understands that and that is a power for us.
“We’re seven matches in and Mo’s working difficult. He is still the Mo, and he wants a little bit of luck. I am not stressed in any way, and he shouldn’t be worried. We all do it all together, we will always be there for him and he will deliver. He had a difficult match against Chelsea, but it is a part of football.”
“Obviously he isn’t pleased with himself, how can he really be?” The Liverpool manager stated. “That is normal. That’s what you really have a supervisor for. Folks might dissect his performances wow and, a great cut, they’ll find nothing. It is fine. Provided that he functions as he works, I’m totally fine.”

Klopp stated:”Daniel played superbly against Paris Saint-German, using higher intensity, along with his goal should always be to perform high intensity within 95 minutes. That is understood by him. “Daniel doesn’t need us to change our personality for him. He plays we need him to. He creates moves in scores goals and judges scenarios and the appropriate places. When matched, he’s always been an significant part the group and so he’s now.”
Van Dijk stated:”Before I came at Liverpool, he said had been among the greatest strikers in the league and he reveals it if he is fit. Obviously he’s great enough for England.There should not be any uncertainty. I understand if he by playing him and watching him in coaching with the positivity he brings and the work he puts in and what he is capable of, just how great he could be. We’ve got a fantastic squad, world-class gamers, and he is among these.”

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